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If your child has never picked up a club or is an experienced Varsity high school golfer, we have the golf program that can take them to the next level. 

Wood & Olson Golf Performance will custom tailor your clubs to fit YOUR game.
WO Golf Performance schools are led by Director of Instruction, Bruce Olson. Bruce has experience teaching beginning golfers to PGA Tour Winner (Joel Edwards).
Located at Pecan Grove Plantation CC
Wood & Olson Golf Performance is equipped with the most up to date technology to improve your game. 


Is Custom Club Fitting Important?

by JWood on 04/09/14

Ben Hogan once said: “In selecting clubs I always look for those which suit my swing. I’ve spent too long developing that swing to make any radical changes in it merely to fit a new club.”

If the lie on your clubs are not fit correctly to your swing, it will substantially change your ball flight. When the iron of the golf club is too upright, the toe of the golf club will swing closed during impact increasing hook spin. The opposite is true for clubs that are too flat.

The shaft of the club can cause a variety of inconsistencies to the ball flight if it is too stiff or weak; i.e. too much spin, too much curve, a miss in a certain direction, high or low trajectory.

Each golfer has two choices when it comes to club fitting:
1. Fit the golf club to your current swing. This will allow for the club to compromise some of the flaws in your swing
2. Work on your swing fundamentals until you achieve a level you are comfortable with and then get the clubs to match that swing. This selection is highly recommended to achieve your best potential.


by JWood on 04/08/14

Being motivated to work on the specific goal is absolutely essential for practice to be beneficial. The student’s level of motivation largely determines how much effort he or she will expend toward achieving their goals in practice. If they are not at all motivated, no effort will be expended, but if they are highly motivated, they will give the maximum amount of effort.
What students can learn to do in the game of golf largely depends on their inherited traits and previous learning, but what they want to do depends on their motivation level. Motivation is a dynamic, ongoing process; students become motivated in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons. Some students are more self-motivated than others to practice and learn all the golf skills needed to successfully play the game of golf. Students who are self-motivated always work hard toward achieving their goals in practice; however, students who are less self- motivated will need some help from their teacher.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

by JWood on 12/27/11

Many weekend golfers try to keep their golf game in shape by practicing after work on the weekdays. The biggest flaw that I see as a golf instructor is the average player will buy a bucket of balls and take full swings, going 100%. It is nearly impossible to make changes to your golf swing by swinging full speed.

What I suggest you do, is buy a weighted club and swing in your house for 10-15 minutes every day. Changes happen in your golf swing when you slow it down and work on it piece by piece, WITHOUT hitting golf balls on the driving range.

The best part is you save money too!